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Self Talk - Listen to what you say to yourself and you will be surprised | Juns Talk

Self talk is overlooked throughout our lives and when we tap into it, you will not only improve your life, accelerate the learning curve but also find joy and happiness in it.


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Jul 04, 2021

Very insightful and introspective talk Jun. Psychologists differentiate between two types of introspection: self-reflection and self-rumination. Self-reflection is a positive form of introspection, from which people attribute meaning and significance to their thoughts and actions, accept and learn from their mistakes, and increase their self-awareness. Self-rumination is the opposite: it is a negative form of introspection, from which a person obsesses over their shortcomings, doubting themselves and their self-worth. I was guilty of the latter for a very long time, but have learned, and am still learning, to embrace the former (a personally difficult undertaking) but it has been so worth the effort, and I am now much happier. Without your guidance I’d never experience true accomplishment and of overcoming…

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